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Romancing your prospects

Romance Your ProspectsMuch of what I learned in marketing I learned from dating women when I was in college...

1) Stand out in your initial approach.
Your have to be unique but true to yourself when trying to get a prospects attention. Try a fresh approach that gets you remembered.
2) Take your time, good things come to those who wait, but don't wait too long.
After your initial approach wait an appropriate time before your follow up. You don't want to seem desperate but you don't want them to forget about you in the mean time. 4 days to a week is about right for your follow up.
3) Call them back, e-mail and direct mail can be deleted or missed. A phone call, even if it goes to voice mail lets them know you mean business.
4) Remember initially all you want to do is get an appointment. Don't tell them too much but let them know why they will want to meet with you.
5) Nail down that first appointment, meeting face to face puts your body language in charge and helps you better read their interest level and understanding.
6) Initiate a plan for follow-up. After your appointment let them know what you will do to follow up and ask them what time frame you should do so.
7) Under promise and over deliver. Make good on your promise and let them know they can depend on you for what you say.
8) Follow up. This should seem obvious but so many sales are lost because the salesperson forgets about the prospect and moves on to that they get caught up in.

Men, remember, no matter how great the first date was, it won't go anywhere unless you call the gal back!

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